Fun with Lauren and Gabby….Jack and Daisey too!!

So ever since Lauren’s wedding we’ve been talking about doing a photoshoot of something different and cool. We had some ideas for a sweet winter snow storm shoot, but never had quite the right conditions to do it (maybe next winter!!). When Lauren called and told me about a Japanese fashion trend called Lolita ( I was like, OK, this sounds fun!! LOL! So the shoot started out trying to make Lauren like a doll, but then progressed into so much more..LOL! Eventually, everyone and every living thing was in the shoot, except me and Sally (our other bunny)..hahah!! So here is how it turned out, a bit funky, a bit dark, a bit Alice in Wonderland and a ton of fun! =)

Hahah, Best mad face ever!!

While shooting Lauren on the bed, she goes “Oh oh oh look over there”…yea…cute! Although Daisey looks like a hog. LOL!

Freaky Tea Party

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