About Me

This is Me.  I am Erin Werner.  That is all.   Thank you for visiting. HAHAHAHHA!!!  Seriously though, I really hate doing these about me things, I never know what to say LOL!  Everything ends up sounding like a cheesy dating site ..”Hi, my name is Erin, I like picnics in the park, long walks on the beach, and romantic candle light dinners, and I am just waiting for my knight in shining armor”…HAHAHAHAHA!!  BTW, already got my knight, or to better describe him, my guitar wielding rocker in leather pants..LOL!  (Oh and, I am going to apologize right now for my overuse of  LOL, hahahahah, and !!!!!!’s).

So we’ll move on to my next favorite subject other than photography.  I am mom to a fantastic, wonderful, spunky, charismatic, stubborn, and completely lovable little Ginger-kid named Gabby.  (and yes, we call her a ginger kid..but it is said oh so lovingly..and what I wouldnt give to have her natural strawberry blonde hair). So back to the Gabb-0 <–she has MANY nicknames..LOL!

She just LOVES having her picture taken as you can see here…

Wait, lets try this again…

Nice Gabs, nice.


…No really, she love her pic taken!!

Ahhh, Here we go…thats my girl!!  LOL!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I have NO clue where she got her attitude from…No clue whatsoever…yep, must be from Dennis…certainly not me…

LOL!!!!!!!!  Yea, this is me at about 4ish…my mom always said the photographer thought she was crazy for ordering these pics, but, um, yea…I think its pretty classic..HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

So thanks for visiting my About Me page…and I completely understand if you run away scared now…HAHAHAHAH!!!  =)