Brian & Kristen – September 19, 2009

When I first met with Brian and Kristen and they told me they were having their wedding on Belle Isle, I can’t help but to admit I was really, really excited.  I’ve seen tons of beautiful pictures done at Belle Isle, but I personally have never been there!!  So the day of, OF COURSE there is wall to wall traffic on I-75 due to the wonderful construction (thank goodness I left an hour and a half early!!!!).  So I stressed about the drive the whole way there, but once there, I was relieved..LOL!  And I even managed to get there early, woo-hoo!!  When Kristen arrived she looked stunning, she was full of “bling” and had the most awesome, yet uncomfortable shoes ever!!  LOL!!  But us girls always choose beauty over comfort, and you just couldnt go wrong with those babies!!  Everything about the day just fell into place.  We took tons of pictures at the casino, headed over to the fountain for a bit (which wasn’t turned on…what the heck Detroit!?!?!?) but we made due and had fun IN the empty fountain..LOL!  After the pics and their beautiful ceremony, there was tons of good food, dancing, and just having a good ‘ol time.  I also have to say, they had a pretty sweet pirate themed gift table…AWESOME!!!!  And their friend also had a totally cool mustache tattoo on her index finger..LOL, so we had fun with that!  When I left, I couldnt help but grab a quick shot of the D.  Thank you guys for a great time!

You always know when the groom is up to trouble when he’s under that dress for a while!!  LOL!! And Brian didn’t disappoint, emerging with a can of beer…hahah!