Caleb & Olivia – Married!!

100% chance of rain…yea, that was the forecast for the wedding day…but….apart from a few sprinkles, the rain held off, yay!!  I first met Caleb and Olivia back in the fall when we did their engagement pictures.  They are so darn cute and I couldn’t wait for the wedding!!  They had a beautiful ceremony and reception at their church, the Apostolic Church of Auburn Hills.  Man that place is HUGE..LOL!!!  I swear you could get lost in there and not be found for days…HAHA!!  But seriously, it was a great day, I had a ton of fun and wish Caleb and Olivia a long happy marriage!! And now, pics!!!!!!!

Gotta love kids…once they got down the aisle, the little ring bearer chucked the pillow on the floor..LOL!!!!!

You know…the best thing about Zoolander is that, not only is it one of my favorite movies…it is everyone else’s as well..LOL!!!!  I seriously do not think I will ever get tired of Blue Steel and Magnum…mark my words!! LOL!!!