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Our Sweet Baby Girl: Luciana Jane

Well, our sweet girl just turned one month old so I figured it was time to put up some pics! LOL! As far as my summer schedule goes, I am working on getting the dates sorted out and will be getting summer sessions scheduled in the next few weeks! In the mean-time, here is a random assortment of pics from our girls first month!

Happy Halloween from my little Peacock


So Gabs has kinda been a bit miffed that I haven’t posted pics of her on my site for a while…LOL!  To appease her…I felt a fun little Halloween session was in order…Let me just say, Gabs picked out her own costume again this year and she is 2 for 2 (last year she wanted to be and was the Peanut Butter Jelly Time Banana..hhaha!!).  I guess I owe Katy Perry a bit of a thank you..since that is totally what inspired her choice ; )


What to do when you have a snow storm, a shoot gets canceled, you have a new petti, and a willing participant…

The joys of a 3 year old…pouting for unknown reasons…LOL…but these are the pics I love!!

We’re dog sitting while my parents are in Nice, Sunny, warm, Florida (grrrrrrrr…LOL).  Thats my dad’s little guy, Teddy in the background.

Aaaaaaaand, Gabby begged me to take some pics with her…and to wear a petti myself…the things you do for your kids!! Ooooooh and I had on zebra high heels because SHE thought they’d look good in 5″‘s of snow…LOL!!

And this is how the day started, setting up for a home shoot tomorrow..LOL…Sucker bribes work EVERY time!! LOL!

Meet Zero – Our newest family member!

So gabs has been wanting a bunny for a while now and we finally caved in. We really lucked out because Zero has a great temperament and loves to be hugged and squeezed on by my little Elmyra – oh wait, I mean, Gabby..LOL!!! (If you dont know who Elmyra is, google Tiny Toons..LOL…she is Gabs to a “T” down to the red hair!!!). And for the record, Gabs LOVES the Nightmare Before Christmas and named him after Jacks dog <3 <3 <3 Close second for a name was Slimer since she loves Ghostbusters..LOL!!! Only my kid….hahahah!

My Girlie Loves her Dog!!

Had to test out the new chair…and the only way to get her (Gabs) to cooperate was to let Daisey in on it..LOL!!

Gabriella – Proof of her PCS (Photographers Child Syndrome)

You know its gonna be bad, when things start out like this!!  First I get the Hand!! Then, she is very easily distracted by bright colors and pretty things..hahah.

Yep…look at the enthusiasm in her face!!! Cant you tell how much she LOVES getting her picture taken these days!!

It’s bad, when even the dog is annoyed by her hijinks!! (BTW, she was trying to get Daisey to smell the flower..LOL)

We call this the squish face…and it is appearing more and more often in pics…hrmpf!

Yea, she thought this would look good, even when I explained why it wouldn’t and she needed to put her arms back on Daisey..LOL…two year olds…they know it all!!!

This one I actually do like but she was trying to run away from me…but I’m a good paparazzi when it comes to her trickery!!