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I had a visitor in my garden….

An unexpected little visitor was in my garden today…I just love Hummingbird moths!!! They are so unique looking!! I wish I could have gotten a few more pics, but an unidentified little red-head scared it away…LOL!!!!

Best sunset I’ve seen in a loooooooong time!!!

We got ZERO rain today…it seemed to storm everywhere else but Clarkston!!!!  But hey…at least Mother Nature made up for it with the best sunset I’ve seen in a long time!!!!  Oh yea, and PS…Mother Nature…Should you decided to have it rain all day for Kelly and Mike’s wedding…at least have the decency to throw out another sunset like this..oh, and since it is a Downriver much as I would really, Really, REALLY like to see a tornado at some point in my life…please do not make my dream become a reality tomorrow…  LOL!!

After the rain…

I was totally bummed that I had to schedule a session today on account of the rain, so I decided to make the best of it!!!  LOL!!

So anyone who knows me, knows how much I garden. Well, this rock just appeared in my rock garden…and I so would have noticed it a long time ago…kinda freaky…I think there were aliens in my garden…LOL!! but really, it is super freaky.

Mini-me hates when I photograph her, but hates it more when i photograph something else in replace of her..LOL!!! She kept saying “picture me, mama”…

More beauteous flowers…Happy Memorial Day!!

Ahhhh, the Poppy.  Although quite the ugly plant itself, the flowers totally make it worth being in the garden!!!

And quite possibly one my favorite flowers, the Gerbera Daisy…a must have garden addition!!

I Heart Flowers…and am blogging it..LOL!!

So anyone who has been to my house knows I have a great love…no…obsession with gardening..LOL!!  The joy of having our new house is I get to apply my landscaping skills all over again, since the old house was getting a bit too full..LOL!!!!   Here are just a few of my new additions…as more starts to bloom, I’m sure you’ll see it here!!  =)