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Senior Special!!!!

It’s that time of year for Senior pics!!  So right now is a good time for a special so I am offering 72 wallets and one set of <25> Custom Graduation Announcements with any senior booking.  Session must be booked prior to September 1st 2009 (however date of actual shoot can be after September 1st).

KidKnee’s photoshoot with Gabriella and Ellise

Since Gabs has been a wee little one, she’s modeled KidKnee’s for my friend Shawna’s website (  Since she is updating her site, we did some recent pics.  What more could one want, a warm March day, some awesome Kidknee’s to model, and pettiskirts.  A 2 year olds dream…right? (okay, okay, so more of a 2 year olds mother/photographer dream, but still…lol!)  Anyhoo, we enlisted the help of Gabs bestest friend Ellise and without further adeu…Gabs and Ellise, future Top Models!  (Emily, we are in big trouble with these girls!!).



And of course, we had to take a fun break!! Â


Nursing Home Ladies – Special Project

My husbands aunt is a hair stylist that travels around to nursing homes and gives the ladies “makeovers.”  They have a photographer that usually does these events, but he canceled at the last minute for this one so she called me.  Now, when she called, she said he does “glamor shots” style pictures…you know the ones I am talking about…from what I was told, there were Boas involved.  ‘Nuff said.  LOL!  So I went in with the approach of making these ladies feel like a million bucks and give them pictures their families will truly cherish. I have to say, this was so much fun.  It was great hearing all their stories about their lives, past and present.  One woman was an actress back in her day, and even showed me her old head shots, then there was the couple that met at the nursing home, and the best friends that have known each other for over 65 years!!!.  It felt so good doing this for them and I hope I get the opportunity to do it again!