Changes for 2010!!

Happy New Year!!!  There have been a few changes around here, some good, some okay..LOL!!!  First off, I will no longer have my studio in Waterford, because we bought a new house!!!  Yay!!!!  While I am super bummed to give up my studio, It’s always been a dream of mine to have a home studio, and now I have that opportunity!!  My new home/studio is located in Clarkston, MI right by Pine Knob…wait, I mean, DTE…no wait, I dont care that they re-named it, it’ll always be Pine Knob to me!! LOL!!!!!  Secondly, there have been some pricing changes to the Weddings and now all packages come with a Full reprint release disc.  (And don’t worry, if I’ve meet with you or talked to you or done work for you prior to the pricing increase, you will get the 2009 prices!!).  What else, hmmm, I think thats it for now!!  I am getting to all my emails and greatly apologize for the slowness lately…moving over the holidays is not always such a hot idea and I’ve basically been running on no sleep and have had no life other than packing and moving for the past two weeks…HAHAH!!!!