1. What is your style?

My style can best be defined as a take on classic, vintage, and a hint of modern! I have a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and focused on photojournalism classes in college. So the root of my style is photojournalistic.  However, that style does not apply to all situations. So I take the situation at hand, and apply the needed style to it. So any session with me results in a fine variety of captured moments.

2. Do you have a studio?

No and yes. The no is that I do not have a physical building dedicated to taking pictures.  Been there done that and it wasn’t really my thing.   The yes is that the world is my studio!  Ok, as corny as that sounds, it kinda is true.  I am an on-location, natural light obsessed kind of lady.  Why you might ask?  Because think of all those pictures you’ve seen (or maybe even had done) that looked SO awesome in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s… but now look SO dated!  This is what I want to avoid at all costs possible.   My goal is to create a timeless treasure for your family to enjoy now and in years to come.  When you look back and laugh at some of the images we capture, I want it to be from the fun we had taking the pics, not because of a horrid background or set up shot!  ; )

3. So then, where will we do my pictures?

Anywhere you’d like.  We can do them in your home, yard, a park, you name it!  You tell me where, and we’ll plan it or if you are not sure, I can surely throw out lots of suggestions!  Some venues may require a permit to shoot.  Venues I suggest will not, so if you had somewhere in mind,  please check with them prior to the shoot date so that you may secure the arrangement if need be.  For newborns, most of the time they are done inside your home (unless weather permits us to be outside) and I bring a small collection of props.  Please note that if there are items you’ve seen in photo’s I have taken, sometimes they are mine and sometime they belong to the client.  When setting up your session just let me know if there is something inparticular you like so I can bring it along or let you know it wasn’t mine…LOL!

4.  Whatcha packin’?

I use all high end digital Canon equipment.  My never ending assortment of lenses are always changing and being added to, but rest assured, I use nothin’ but the best!

5.  How long will it take to get my photos?

It takes about 2-3 weeks for all your photos to be edited and ready to view online, however, I will blog a few teasers for you either the day of the session or the next day!

6. When should I book my appointment?

Portrait dates book 2-4 months in advance (sometimes longer for more popular months like Sept/Oct).

7.  I don’t want a full session, will you just take a few pictures for me at a discount?

At this time I do not offer “mini-sessions” or discounted sessions.  I’ve tried offering mini-sessions in the past and they in the end always ended up with a full sessions amount of photos.  So the answer to that is no. =)

8. I’ve messaged you on Facebook but haven’t heard back, what gives?

I have it stated on my facebook page to please only contact me via my email address (erin@erinwernerphotography.com) not through my business facebook page or my personal page.  I DO NOT check these messages!!  So please do not send communication that way, I really appreciate it!! =)

9.  Ok, so I did email you, but haven’t heard back..what gives now?

The main reason you might not hear back is because you’re asking a question about pricing.  I have it stated to the left of the contact form that due to the amount of daily emails I receive , it is not possible for me to answer every email simply asking about pricing.  There is a pricing page on the site which should answer any and all questions regarding the prices, session info, and what not.

10.  Everyone seems to be a photographer these days, what makes you so special?

I’ve been taking pictures pretty much all my life.  I was that super ansy person that as soon as they finished a roll of film, was running up to the store, getting one hour prints, then stalking the clock and arriving back at the store 59 minutes later.  LOL. Yea, I LOVE pictures.  However, it wasn’t until college, that I learned to be a photographer.  I mean, sure ANYONE can buy a camera, take pictures, and call themselves a photographer….but not everyone understands lighting, composition, and the advanced workings of an SLR camera.  In school, I learned how to take the ordinary, and make it extraordinary through knowing my camera like the back of my hand.  Also, I learned the true principals of photography through film.  Unlike the instant gratification and results of digital, film forced me to know what I was doing rather than digital which allows more room for error since you can shoot, chimp (look at your lcd) and then re shoot if it didn’t work out.  I am constantly surveying my surroundings, monitoring how the light is playing off certain areas, and in my head thinking of the settings I would use to best capture that scene…yea, I’m kinda a dork like that but I love it!!

Ok, so after all that, what I am getting to is that even though I’ve been taking pictures my whole life, I can truly say that I’ve only been a photographer for 8 years.  Also, I’d like to give props to my college photography professor, he truly is an awesome guy and I learned so much from him.

11.  Does my session come with the corny jokes I’ve seen thus far?

Unfortunately, yes.

12.  I see a lot of pictures of a little red-head.  Who the heck in that?

That would be my mini-me:  Gabby…or otherwise known as Gabba, Gabbers, Pooh, Gab, Ginger-kid, Midget, sometimes Victoria (<-she changed her name for awhile..LOL)or when she’s in trouble…Gabriella.  The child has a very significant love/hate relationship with my camera and this is due to the fact that she does suffer from a medical condition called PCS – Photographer’s Child Syndrome.  What is this you ask?  Well, it is a condition that does not allow the child to look at the camera, it causes them to turn their backs to any camera pointed at them, and when that does not work, causes them to run away screaming nooooooo more pictures Mommmmmy.  Other side effects include, forced fake smiles, hands covering their face, them directing the shoot, and/or many tantrums!  Seriously though, thats my kid, I love her lots, and take way to many pictures of that fiery little red-head.


1.  What should I wear?

Simplicity is the key.  Try to avoid large logos or outfits that are really busy.  You want the focus to be on you and not your clothes.  Also, bring multiple outfits if you like!

2.  Should I bring anything?

Definitely!  Bring anything you like!  For babies and children, you can bring that favorite stuffed animal or toy, blankie, balloons, bubbles, or anything you like that is special to your child.  Please note though, I do not recommend bringing any items you would prefer not to be in the photos…because as Murphy’s Law states, that will be the ONE thing they’ll not let go..HAHA!  Seniors, bring your sports trophies, medals, or anything that signifies an activity you may be involved in.  Also, your family pet(s) are welcome as well!!  The key is to bring a little personalization into the photo!

3.  What time of day is the best for portraits?

I like to schedule outdoor shoots in the evening, in the spring/summer/fall months, after 5pm or in the early morning before 11am.  Why is this?  Because the noon-time sun is terrible to shoot in.  Early morning and evening sun is the most flattering light.

4.  Oh no! It’s overcast and we have a shoot scheduled!!

That’s ok!!  We don’t need the sun for great pictures!  As long as it isn’t raining, the shoot will go as scheduled.  (Unless you want pics in the rain..I’m totally down for that too!!)

5.  How long will my shoot be?

Generally speaking, shoots last from 1-2 hours. With little ones, the sessions can take a bit longer due to the unpredictability of kids! ; )



1.  Hey, where is the wedding info on your site?

As of 2014, it is with a heavy heart I decided to no longer provide wedding day coverage.