Gabriella – Proof of her PCS (Photographers Child Syndrome)

You know its gonna be bad, when things start out like this!!  First I get the Hand!! Then, she is very easily distracted by bright colors and pretty things..hahah.

Yep…look at the enthusiasm in her face!!! Cant you tell how much she LOVES getting her picture taken these days!!

It’s bad, when even the dog is annoyed by her hijinks!! (BTW, she was trying to get Daisey to smell the flower..LOL)

We call this the squish face…and it is appearing more and more often in pics…hrmpf!

Yea, she thought this would look good, even when I explained why it wouldn’t and she needed to put her arms back on Daisey..LOL…two year olds…they know it all!!!

This one I actually do like but she was trying to run away from me…but I’m a good paparazzi when it comes to her trickery!!