Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!! And just a quick little intro, since I didn’t update this on my site. Our little bunny Zero passed away during his neutering surgery about a month ago. Poor Gabs, well and me, were devistated. We decided to adopt our next bunny from a rescue and found the Midwest Rabbit Rescue out of Plymouth. They have so many sweet and cuddly bunnies looking for their forever homes and we had such a hard time choosing. Luckily, Jack and Sally (formerly known as Aiden and Lilly) chose us!! Never thought we’d have two bunnies, but they are just the sweetest little things around!! And of course, the renaming had to do with Gabs Nightmare before xmas obsession..LOL!!! Ah well, they seem to like it!!

Seriously though, If you ever think of getting a rabbit, please check out http://www.rabbitrr.org/.