Jay & Chrissy – Married!!

So Chrissy and I “met” when I was signing Gabs up for some classes through the parks and rec (she works there). I’d say we instantly hit it off and when it came time to their engagement pics, I got to meet Jay and my wonderful assistant for the day, Chrissy’s mom!! We had such a fun time doing those pics and I knew the wedding would be even better!! So fast forward a few months and here we are, June 12. So, AGAIN, the forecast called for a rainy Saturday. From what I hear, there was a lot of praying going on and low and behold, um…NO RAIN!! Only downside was that it was very, very hot and humid!! But hey, it beats rain! LOL!! Due to a broken air conditioner, we had a last minute venue change, instead of sweating it out in the chapel, the ceremony was moved outside to the gazebo. Chrissy looked just gorgeous and I just love Jay’s reaction the first time he saw her. Their wedding was so fun and really was a…..nice day for a….White Wedding!!! (LOL!!!!!! and for those that aren’t in the know…White is their new last name..hence the reference to Mr. Billy Idol there..hhahaha!).

The crowd…and Jay…awaits the big moment!!