Kelly and Mike – Married!!!

I think I am just going to start adding this blanket disclaimer to all my weddings…”So the forecast called for an 80% chance of rain on Kelly and Mike’s wedding day and we didn’t get a drop, rather, we got bright blue skies, big puffy white clouds, and humidity!!”. Yep, that about sums up every saturday so far this year..LOL!!!!! So anyhoo, Kelly and I go way back…WAY BACK…how far back, I don’t even remember..its been that long..haha!! We went to school together, were band geeks together, and through the magic of a little site called Facebook, were reunited right around when she got engaged, talk about good timing! LOL! So when we met up, Kelly is wearing a Weird Al shirt and I think to…nothing has changed!! Yes!! This should be a good wedding! Hahaha!! So fast forward to the wedding day and I get to the church early and hear the organist practicing the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme song. Nice! They had a beautiful ceremony, with some custom (and pretty funny) vows..such as…allowing Mike to listen to his heavy metal and to Mike not eating Kelly’s gluten free food! After some church pics, we headed out to Lindemann Elementary school to take some playground pics. That was a flashback since I went to that school and can very vividly remember playing on that submarine as a kid!! Then it was off to the reception hall where the Star Trek theme showed! The guest tables were not numbered, rather, they were named after iconic Star Trek characters and such with the head table naturally being “The Bridge”..LOL. Then after getting your table assignment, at the door of the hall was Captain Kirk and Spock to greet you in..nice! Then there was the cake…yea…I chucked a bit when I saw the cake topper!! All in all, it was a super fun day, I got to see some old friends I haven’t seen in many years. Kelly and Mike, it was my pleasure to spend the day with you and I had so much fun!! Congrats you guys!!! ♥

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