Kevin and Kristen – Married!!!

I do not even know where to begin. Kevin and Kristen live in California but are Clarkston natives. A little backstory, about a week before they contacted me, I was telling a friend about how I would love to do a wedding where the theme was really “different” such as having skull decorations or a tattoo’d up bride, ect, ect. Low and behold, I get a call from Kristens mom telling me all about her daughters “El Dia de los Muertos” themed wedding. Now it was funny, because she prefaced it with “you might think this is a bit different” and as she went on and revealed the theme, I got SO excited!!! Back in my college days, my photojournalism class had actually gone down to Mexican town for the Day of the Dead celebration so I was very familiar with the traditions, the colors, and the all around fantastic-ness of it all!! and yea, I just made up a word..haha!! So needless to say, I was very excited to see how all their plans had come together, and let me just say, they didn’t disappoint!! There was so much symbolism (such as the hummingbird and peace sign on her bouquet to honor a few loved ones who could only be there in spirit), color, decorations, and all around joy and happiness (which is everything the Dia de los Muertos celebrates). It truly was a happy day. And to make it even better, they even brought a bit of that fantastic Cali sunshine with them because, I tell ya, the light was DIVINE today!!!!!! I really had a great time with you guys and your wonderful family!! =)