Kyle and Courtney – Married!!!!

So Courtney is BFF’s with my BFF since 2nd grade and because of this common denominator, we were hooked up when Courtney got engaged!! When I first met with Courtney and Kyle, we instantly hit it off and I just knew their wedding was going to be so fun. And man…they didn’t disappoint!!! I really felt like the 7th bridesmaid…just I didnt get to wear a sweet dress and had to lug around a heavy camera..HAHAHAAH!!!!! So this is the first summer wedding this year that the weather said rain…and it actually did rain!!! We had a TON of time (2.5hrs!!!!) for pics in between the ceremony and reception and we had planned to spend it strolling around downtown Ann Arbor and the UofM campus. So after the ceremony it was POURING and I was immediately SO bummed thinking WHERE are we gonna go!??! So we headed over to the covered shopping area first since and wouldn’t you know it, it stops raining! Yay!!!!!! So from there we made our way around AA on the partybus to all the spots we had in mind and had a great time! All in all the day was filled with a ton of laughter, a bit of happy tears, a large amount of fist-pumps, some inappropriate knee-touching, a lot of goofing around, a huge amount of the Captain and Crown Royal and as the theme song of the day was all Dy-no-mite! LOL!!!! Courtney and Kyle, thank you so much for such a fun day!! Your wedding was so much fun and I just love you guys!!! ♥


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