Lauren and Adam – Married

I met Lauren and Adam through my husbands side of the family.  Lauren is my husbands, fathers, cousins, wifes, step-sister… still following?  LOL!  Yea, Lauren and I just basically decided we’re family is some way, shape or form.  Hahaha!  When we first talked over the phone, our conversation lasted for hours, yes, hours!  And when we met, it was no different. Poor Adam had to endure our over 2 hour conversation at a Starbucks one night, Sorry Adam!!  =)  Since then, we’ve talked periodically and have become pretty good friends.  We had envisioned tons of cool and edgy ideas to use at Canterbury Village but unfortunately, we got rained out on the wedding day.  Well, even though that wasnt our ideal situation for pictures, we still made it work!! AND iit is apparently GOOD LUCK on your wedding day, so the rain was welcomed!  Lauren and Adam had a beautiful ceremony and reception.  The rain, luckily, did stop and we ventured outside for a few pics after dinner.  I had a ton of fun with you guys and feel so special to have been a part of your wedding.  Luv you guys!!  And now, on to the pics!!