Matt & Carrie – September 5, 2009

From the minute I arrived at the church…someone was making me laugh…and that is pretty much how the rest of the day went!  Matt and Carrie are hilarious, as are all their friends and family!  Our day started out at the Dominican Motherhouse in Oxford and then we eventually made our way down to downtown Pontiac.  When I first met with Carrie and Matt, they had mentioned that Arts Beats and Eats was the same weekend as the wedding and I’ll have to admit, it was a bit worried…as in “OMG, where the heck am I going to park!?!?!?”….LOL!!  But it wasnt a problem, the Lafayette Grande is a pretty awesome place and they had it all worked out!  And what orignially caused me a bit of worry, turned out to be AWESOME since we headed into AB&E for some pics!  Then, to my delight, an ice cream truck appears..and the guy acutally let Matt and Carrie go in his truck for some pics…holy awesome!!!  LOL!  So needless to say, I had a super fun day with you guys and thank you so much for having me be a part of your wedding day!!

so what do you do if you do not have “something blue”….Improvise with a blue pen of course!!! LOL!!!

Arts, Beats, and Eats!!!

Haha, the jeweler was trying to convince Carrie she needed this 6 bajillion carat ring…ok maybe it wasnt 6 bajillion carats but it was HUGE!

Umm..notice a cop theme with my pictures lately..LOL!! This one was by far the cutest!