Mike and Sarah – Engaged!!

I met up with Mike and Sarah in Chicago over the weekend for a super fun engagement session!!  I seriously have so many favorites it was hard to narrow it down!!  This was my first trip to Chicago and undoubtedly, not my last!!

The “behind the scenes” of this pic is a little funny, because the newspaper vendor had no problem with us taking pics just as long as we didnt get the porn mags behind the counter in the shot..LOL!!!!!!!!

Hee hee hee, so this pic on the left creeeeeeeeps me out!!  LOL!!! When I saw people “walking on water” I said to Sarah and Mike , ooooh lets go over there!!  and Sarah starts telling me about the “face that spits water”….um NOT what I pictured..LOL!!!! Looks like a gigantic, demonic, kid looking over them!!  And it was super creepy cause the eyes looked back and forth!!!  Not cool!  Hahahah!!!  So we went over to the other side where there isn’t a face…much, MUCH better!!!