Mike & Stefanie – July 3rd, 2009

Ok, so my relationship with Mike and Stefanie started out with Stefanie contacting me in the winter and telling me she lived in Florida, which made me insanely jealous since we had such a long yucky winter this year…LOL!!!  But after I got over that, I was so pumped to do their wedding especially since she had sent me pictures of her and her bridesmaid dresses before the wedding.  I absolutely love the peacock color theme!!  So the week before the wedding was completely miserable and dreary (I mean, come on, 60 some degrees in the end of June…what weird weather!!)…but come the wedding day, it was 73 and for the most part sunny..um, hello, that is like PERFECT weather for a wedding!!  It was such fun hanging with all the girls while they were getting ready, and then when Mike arrived, seeing he wore some awesome black and white shoes, well, lets just say it was the perfect start to the day.  So we took a ton, and I really do mean a ton!, of pictures throughout the day…in the process Stefanie almost got eaten by a horse (well not quite but it was close..LOL) and Mike always seems to see something interesting to the right, we never saw it, but he sure did and looked at it all the time! (hahaahaha).  So to end this perfect day, there was the best firework display put on by Addison Oaks, especially for Stefanie and Mike (well and the hundreds of other spectators, but hey, it was their day so we will just say they were for them  lol!).   Stefanie and Mike, thank you so much for including me on your wedding day!  And now…on to the pictures!!

Hee Hee…things were running a bit late…

So when we were doing some bridal party shots, these mounted cops were riding by so we asked them to stop and pose with us.  So Stefanie asks “Are they going to be okay” and the cop replies, “Of course” well right at that moment the sun breaks out from a cloud and lights up Stefanie’s dress and the horse freak out a bit…LOL…so we did a few very quick shots, and then let them continue on their way..LOL!!!!