Nick and Amy – Married!!

Nick and Amy had a gorgeous Addison Oaks wedding!! The weather said 60% chance of rain…um..not good for an outdoor ceremony!! But, by some miracle, the rain completely skipped over Leonard, MI and the sun even peeked out for a few minutes!!! So needless to say, they had a fabulous ceremony full of lots of love and emotion. After that, we had tons of fun goofing around during pics. I totally love that Amy had a tea length dress which, originally, was a lot longer. BUT, due to the purchase of some fab-o shoes, she decided it would be an injustice to them to cover them with a dress all day, so she totally shortened the dress for the shoes…I love it!!! LOL!!! I had such a fun time with you guys and you have the best family and friends!!  Enjoy your time in Cancun!!

Showing off her inspiration for her hair…its the creepy face Belle..LOL!!!

A bit of last minute primping before the big moment!!

Trying to sneak a peek of his Gorgeous bride!!

Kevin’s face (the one to the right) = priceless…LMAO!!!!!! Poor Pat looks a bit scared..hahaha!

♥ ♥ ♥ this!!!

Hahahahaha, we dubbed this the “O…M..G..I just married HER”…HAHAHAHAHAH!!