Shawn & Ginger – August 22, 2009

Shawn and Ginger are just such a joy to be around.  Constantly laughing, smiling, and having a good time!!  I had so much fun at their wedding!! It was my first, local (and I really mean local!) wedding…  As in, they live in the sub behind me, the chapel was pretty much down the street as was the reception hall…um…AWESOME!!  LOL!!!  Apart from all the laughter were some serious moments which, I’ll admit, made me tear up a few times.  Gingers letter to her son Parker that was read during the ceremony was one of the sweetest things I’ve heard in a long time, and when Shawn walked down the aisle with their son Logan…well, it was SOOO cute!!  I had a blast guys, have fun on your honeymoon, I am thinkin’ “No Rain!!!” for ya!!!!  Oh and how cool is this, I also got to meet another photographer too!! Gingers good friend Autumn is a photographer in if you’re ever out in her neck of the woods and need some pics, check her out!! (  And now…ON TO THE PICS!!!

Haha, the flower girls were playing “swords” with their bouquets..LOL!!!!!

So I tell Ginger to do a “serious face”  and she pulled it off…for like a SECOND!  Hahha, she kept busting out laughing!!

Parker refused to wear a white suit…and only agreed when he could get a “Justin Timberlake” hat..LOL!! So cute!!

Ahh…Ginger even looks insanely gorgeous making a funny face…this pic is SO her!!!!