Steve and Sonia – Married!!!

Steve, Sonia, and I had never met prior to their wedding since they are from Arizona and we had only email “talked” back and forth!!  LOL!!  So it was great to finally meet them and their wonderful family and friends.  They are truly great people, and their friends and family told me many stories to solidify that!  Also, both of them are in the Army and have served overseas so they definitely have my appreciation and respect!!  =)

Their wedding was held at Canterbury Village in Lake Orion.  We had a week full of WONDERFUL weather here in MI, and of course, it decides to rain on Saturday.  But as they say, rain on your wedding is good luck, so yay for that!!  After their beautiful ceremony, we braved the outdoors and headed over to the carousal, which was SO fun and SO worth going out in the rain for..LOL!  Steve and Sonia, I wish you all the best and a long and happy marriage!!

and of course, it’s not official until its on Facebook!! LOL!!!!

Too much kissing for one day, need to reapply the chapstick…LOL!!

I mean, really, is there any better way to end the night?? A knight dancing to Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer mimicking the voicebox by lifting the lid on the helmet in beat to the music….Classic!!!!!!!!