The New Dress

Gabs gets a lot of new clothes since I am a bit of a shopaholic (but it’s not all my fault…WHY do they make little girls clothes soooo cute and irresistible!!!)?!?!  Oh yea, thats cause they know I’ll have no choice but to buy them…LOL!!!  I am just in love with this little giraffe dress from Baby Gap and we had to do a bit of a photo-shoot in it.  Even though Gabs did not want to cooperate (typical….grrrr….the kid is as stubborn as a mule…I really wonder where she got that trait from…certainly not me…well okay, maybe me…LOL!!) Through it all, we did manage to get some cute ones!  Enjoy!



Cheeseball smile…but I love it!

….and an outtake… I guess little diva’s get wedgies too…hahahahaha!

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