What to do when you have a snow storm, a shoot gets canceled, you have a new petti, and a willing participant…

The joys of a 3 year old…pouting for unknown reasons…LOL…but these are the pics I love!!

We’re dog sitting while my parents are in Nice, Sunny, warm, Florida (grrrrrrrr…LOL).  Thats my dad’s little guy, Teddy in the background.

Aaaaaaaand, Gabby begged me to take some pics with her…and to wear a petti myself…the things you do for your kids!! Ooooooh and I had on zebra high heels because SHE thought they’d look good in 5″‘s of snow…LOL!!

And this is how the day started, setting up for a home shoot tomorrow..LOL…Sucker bribes work EVERY time!! LOL!